Phantom Links

Phantom Links

A common problem with Excel is that at times your Workbook may be asking you to update links when you do not have any. Of course the very first thing to check is that there are not any links you do not know about, which steps 1 and 2 will do.

1. Unhide any hidden Worksheets first. Then right click on any sheet name tab and select “Select all sheets”. Now go to Edit>Find and in the Find What: box type: [*] also select Formulas from the Look in: box and click Find Next. This will find any formulae referring to another Workbook.

2. Go to Insert>Name>Define and scroll through the list to ensure no named ranges are referring to another Workbook.

3. Go to each sheet and ensure you have no linked Pictures, Charts or Controls.

4. Go to Edit>Links and select the file name under Source file, now click Change Source… In the “Change Links” dialog locate the Active workbook, ie the one you are in now, select it and click Ok. This will force the Link to refer back to itself. If you get an error go to step 5!

5. Open a new Workbook, save it as any name. Create a real link to it from your problem Workbook. Now go to Edit>Links and select the file name (not the newly created file!) under Source file, again click the Change Source… button but this time select the newly created Workbook from the “Change Links” dialog and click Ok. Now Save the Workbook and delete the real link you created and save.